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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Baby Sitting Services

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Dear Mummies and Daddies,

Have you ever think of having few hours of good time together with the absence of your baby?

or maybe to go for romantic anniversary dinner together?

or just for a movie or night out??

But nobody to take care of your child while you're gone.. can do it now.

We're here to help you. Please read more for details...



What we provide is part-time baby sitting or nanny services at the convenience of your home when you need it. Our baby sitters are trained nurses student that will give undivided attention to your child.


  • Our babysitters - Our babysitters consists of trained nurses student that have undivided attention to your child during your absence. As university graduates, we can speak English fluently. We will not expose your child to foul languages. In addition, as an educated people, our babysitters will not cause damage to your property.

  • Free consultation upon appointment - We promise to be at your place 1/2 hour earlier for our baby sitting services. This is to enable parents to provide us all the information that we need to know during babysitting. Information may includes child's routine, medication, playthings, what is allowed and not allowed for the child.

  • Help to Save your Time and Energy - We deliver our services to your doorstep. We will travel to your house to babysit your child. So, you don't have to encounter hassles to travel to your childminders house.


Do not hesitate to send your inquiries via e-mail, SMS or call us directly for immediate response.

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SMS /WhatApps/ Tel : 012-3260606